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CEO & President

Honorable Genevieve Whitaker, J.D., M.P.M, M.C.J. , CPM®

The Whitaker Consultant  Group, LLC is owned and operated by Genevieve Whitaker, a Certified Public  Manager,  who holds a law degree, a Master's degree in Political Management, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice ( Strategic Management in Criminal Justice), Executive Education Certificates from Oxford and Harvard, founded by her in December of 2008. CEO Whitaker established WCG as a means to transform business development in the U.S. Virgin Islands by applying new-age technology tools to critical areas of business start-up, redevelopment, and maintenance. WCG’s lead consultant, Genevieve Whitaker, is a sought-after communications expert in internet marketing and research, a political consultant who has worked on national and local campaigns, a legal professional consultant in case management, and has worked for over 24 years in the legal arena… WCG offers services in Legal research and drafting, political analysis, nonprofit administration & management, marketing, event planning, professional/technical career consultation, and internet media broadcast production & management. Let us help you take your Business to the 3.0 Level & Beyond!

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