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Litigation Support and Research Services 3.0

Senator Genevieve Whitaker, J.D., MPM, MCJ, CPM, is the CEO/President/Owner and Lead Consultant for The Whitaker Consultant Group, LLC (WCG).  President Whitaker has over 23 years of vast experience in legal research, drafting and litigation. As it relates to Ms. Whitaker’s experience in comprehensive studies, President Whitaker served as a researcher for the Virgin Islands Commission on Judicial Disabilities and completed various research tasks, most notably; she conducted a comparative assessment of judicial misconduct laws and laws aimed at the reformation of judicial ethics laws as well as served as Law Clerk in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands.  President Whitaker’s experience as a Legal Counsel during the 27th Legislature of the Virgin Islands and having served a Senator in the 34th Legislature of the Virgin Islands (January 2021-January 2023) has provided her with experience in political analysis and legislative drafting and her clientele includes policymakers. Additionally, President Whitaker’s knowledge and experience with research solutions such as LexisNexis and WestLaw, having served as a LexisNexis Associate and utilizing both solutions throughout her legal career as well as training individuals and groups on how to use both systems will ensure that she is able to meet her legal client’s needs and expectations. This service is branded as Litigation Support & Research 3.0 as all client packages include technological marketing tools to market your practice offerings. Overall President Whitaker has the tools  has a vast network of contacts in the legal arena which span the globe and her membership in key legal organizations such as the American Bar Association provides her with the wealth of knowledge and access to key information and legal trends.

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