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WCG Travel

Welcome to Whitaker World Travels, where we bring your travel dreams to life. Owned and operated by CEO Genevieve Whitaker, we offer a seamless and personalized travel booking experience.


Our Services

- Flight Bookings: Search and book flights directly using our [travel link](

- Hotel Stays: Find and book accommodations at top hotels worldwide.

- Cruises: Explore and book a variety of cruise options to stunning destinations.

- Vacation Packages: Exclusive packages with top travel partners, including American Airlines Vacations and Disney.

- Custom Travel Planning: Tailor-made itineraries to suit your preferences and needs.


Booking Process

  • Search & Book Online: Use our [travel link]: ( to find and book flights, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages.

  • Direct Booking: Set up a time to book directly with CEO Whitaker for a personalized experience if the search options you select are not available.


Why Choose Us?

- Expertise: CEO Genevieve Whitaker's extensive experience in travel planning and credentialed partnerships with leading travel entities.

- Partnerships: Collaborations with American Airlines Vacations, Disney, and a top air travel booking entity ensure top-tier travel options.

- Personalized Service: Direct access to our CEO for customized travel planning and booking.


*Search Fee: A search fee is involved per person and will be disclosed upon contact.


For trips outside of the InteleTravel portal (Direct Booking), use the "Book a Trip" link below. Let Whitaker World Travels turn your travel dreams into reality!

Direct Booking

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